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Are you stumped after spending hours trying to file for divorce online by yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place. Filing for divorce without the help of a licensed attorney can not only be challenging- but risky. Many people wind up with incorrect child support or errors concerning retirement accounts. We’re here to eliminate the guessing game and save you time, time, TIME!

Our attorneys have a combined 50 years of Texas family law experience. With a full staff of attorneys and paralegals our process is streamlined for efficiency and ease.

The EASY Guarantee: We guarantee your divorce petition will be filed within 10 days or your MONEY BACK!

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Experience You Can Trust

When you choose to file an uncontested divorce through, you get expert legal advice from the attorneys at The Werner Law Group. Initially, you will get a video conference, phone, or in-person consult with one of our attorneys who will listen to your needs.

One of the most valuable reasons to use an experienced family law attorney to prepare your divorce decree is the flexibility! Not all cookie-cutter solutions found online work for everyone, and we are able to use the appropriate language that caters to your specific needs.

The best part of using is that it is EASY! After payment, you have a consult with one of our attorneys. If there are questions about what’s fair in the eyes of the Texas Family Code, our attorneys can advise you what would likely happen in a contested court hearing. After your consult, we will prepare the divorce petition and file it with the court in your county.

By Texas law, the divorce needs to be on file for 60 days before it’s finalized.

How We Work. Our Mission & Values

Our mission is simple: Get your divorce done properly, the first time, and save you money in the long run.

We run a full fledged family law firm centrally located in Victoria, TX. We are in court and see new clients almost daily. The need for an easy solution to filing for divorce online with the help of an attorney is real.

In the year 2020, we took on 22 different clients who had done their divorces and/or custody petitions without the help of an attorney years earlier. They came to us because they didn’t realize the implications of the words they had used or what exactly they were signing. Some of them pay more child support than they are supposed to. Some had their credit ruined from never getting off a vehicle loan. Some can’t get their house refinanced. All because of problems with their online divorce decree.

These clients wound up paying our law firm thousands of dollars to get their life back on track. As one of our loving attorneys, Leslie, always says- pay a little now, or a lot later!

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